Technical Producer

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For group projects 'Mathagon', 'Battle Arena' and 'Rocket Man', while being involved in programminng I also acted as the production lead over each of them. A lot of my time was also spent organising meetings, assigning tasks with other students and keeping track of project progression to deadlines. My role also required me to discuss with the team when to cut back features as needed to meet deadlines, figuring out alternatives to difficult project features while always making sure a fully working piece of software was delivered at the end.

'Mathagon' scored myself and the team a 92% grade and was one the highest graded pieces of group work throughout the computing department for our year. Also because of my production skills and attention to detail with 'Rocket Man' my team was also voted Winners of Gay(M) Jam by game studios Hangar 13, Electric Square and Studio Gobo.

On my final year project 'AI Game Manager On Player Types' I used a Waterfall model of project development as the scope of the game was quite small. As the project only involved myself and I already knew what the final idea there was no need to add a framework like Scrum or Kanban. As I was also under a stict deadline that were pre agreed on I also had to be strict to not deviate off track by making uneeded features to achieve the minimal viable product. The grade for my final year project was an A+.

Game Jam Society

Co-Founding, Running and assisting with the Universities Game Jam Society was one of the most enjoyable and proudset moments of my time at University. Click on the pictures for more details.

Lead Producer for Uni Published Game

I was in charge of organising and managing meetings between student developers and the development progress of the game project during the first semester at University. I also organised a fundraiser to help fund the project to help pay for store licenses to be able put the game on the Steam and Android stores.

Project Management software such as Trello and having the team develop with a Kanban Agile Methodology was used to assign tasks to Designers, Artists and Programmers. I was responsible in delegating lead roles to select students in varying skilled departments for better organisation.

Mentoring Endeavours

I've also helped mentor at a UKIE Game Jam for Alzheimer's UK research, the Game Jam was structured so that the Journalists would swap roles with the Game Developers and my role was to be a mentor and help create a game over the weekend.

Agile Learning

After University I have been actively involved learning about various Agile Methodoligies and Project Managment software used within the Games Industry. I 'm also working towards passing the PSM1 Exam in the near future.


These are some of the Game studios and establishments that I have personally collaborated with during my time at University.

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Hangar 13

Developers of Mafia 3

Organised with Hangar 13 to provide mentors, judges and prizes for students that participated at the Gay(M) Jam.


Studio Gobo/Electric Square

For Honor, Forza Street

Organised with both Studio Gobo and Electric Square to provide mentors, judges and a hefty supply of food for students that participated at the Gay(M) Jam.


TT Odyssey

Mobile Division of TT Games

Orgnaised discussions with members of staff to give advice for students aiming for the Gaming industry. Also helped arrange a mentor from TT Odyssey to help students at Gay(M) Jam.



Unity Game Engine

Acted in an advisory role for Unity with collaboration happening with the Game Jam Society and other interested parties to help organise Gay(M) Jam 2.0.



Ukie - The Association for UK Interactive Entertainment

Organised with UKIE and Leon Cliff to help promote and judge the student developed games at the Gay(M) Jam.


University of Brighton

Collaborated with the University to help facilitate fundraising, promoting Game Jam events, organising computer rooms, appearnces of speakers/mentors to attend the campus as well organise judging and prizes for the Gay(M) Jam.


What Game Industry Professionals have said about me and my endevours with the Game Jam Society